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This is why I became a realtor



As a single mom, fresh out of divorce, looking for a home for my three young children - my realtor became a source of support and encouragement during this challenging transition in my life. She was wonderful.

I want to be that for someone in a similar position. 

"Choosing someone who aligns with your values and goals makes all the difference."

My favourite things...

I love all things related to homes.  Renovations, decorating, I have always loved the design and architectural aspects, but I never realized that meant I would also LOVE a career in real estate.

I've had many people suggest this career to me, but I was so busy raising my family that I didn't feel I could take the chance on a career change. 

Then came the pandemic which halted my career and opened the doorI decided I would make the change.


a little more about me...

I love creating memories with my three kids. We rent a cottage every year on Bob's Lake. The kids bring their friends - it's so fun! As a family, we are really into sports and activities. We go to concerts and live sporting events as much as we can. 

You might have seen me on the sidelines cheering.  I've basically raised my kids in hockey arenas as my son grew up playing AAA and AA hockey here in Kingston. They've also been involved in other sports like competitive dance, cheerleading, soccer, football, gymnastics. 

It's a lot of cheering. :)

MY VALUES: Family, Fun, Well-Being

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